This is the post where the waters start getting murky. I want to keep this blog as PG as possible, so I can’t go too much into detail about this next game as it is rated M, for Mature Audience Only! Meaning, if you are not an adult by law, you cannot play this game. So for all my younger readers, this blog is as far as you can go into this game. Well, now that that’s out of the way, time to get down to the nitty gritty and talk about another game shown off at the Sony Press Conference, Watch Dogs 2!

While the first Watch Dog didn’t get the best reviews, Watch Dogs 2 looks much more promising. The game has much better graphics. The theme also looks very different. In the first game, the colors were very dark and depressing. This time the game looks full of color and excitement. It also had a huge gameplay upgrade. Watch Dogs 2 has many features not available in Watch Dogs, for example, in Watch Dogs 2 you can control drones. The story also got a huge do over.

This game takes place in San Francisco, where things aren’t all that they seem. The main protagonist of this game, Marcus Holloway, is part of a group of hacktivists whose primary goal is to rid the city of an advanced surveillance system. The hacktivist group, also known as DedSec, increases in followers each successful mission. Speaking of missions, in Watch Dogs 2 you can attack each mission from multiple different angles, deciding to go stealthy, or extremely loud. For example, you could go in with 3D printed guns and melee weapons, or you could be tactical, sneaking around without fighting, or only neutralizing some enemies with your taser and still avoiding huge contacts. These were just a couple games I mentioned in these last three posts, and all at one convention, yet there were still many more games shown off and there are many more conventions to come, so stay tuned.