As I mentioned in my last post, the newest gaming convention to hit was the Sony Press Conference. At the Press conference, they interviewed game developers to ask them questions about their upcoming games. In addition, they showed off some amazing upcoming games. Some showed off trailers to their games, while others went above and beyond, showing off gameplay footage. One such game that debuted its first ever gameplay trailer was Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Mass Effect is a franchise with a successful trilogy under its belt. The games are known and loved by many, even if the ending didn’t sit well with some. Now, after four long years, Mass Effect is making a return. This new Mass Effect will be a completely different story from the original trilogy. They even went as far as having the game set in an entirely new galaxy! This new Mass Effect will be playable for PS4, XBOX 1, PC, and, as revealed at the press conference, Playstation’s newest upcoming system, which will be compatible with the PS4. This new gameplay trailer verified many theories about the game, and created some new ones.

At the press conference, they interviewed one of the people working on Mass Effect: Andromeda. While the interview happened, in the background the real action was taking place. They were showing actual gameplay footage! Granted, it wasn’t much. In fact, you could tell that the whole point of the footage was to show you how crisp and beautiful everything looks in the game.While the footage didn’t reveal much, it did succeed in its goal, and left us hungry for more. But, it didn’t end there! They then revealed that the main protagonist will have a father and sibling, all in the same universe, just in different places. This was unheard of in Mass Effect! This information was mostly what confirmed a lot of theories about the game. Clearly, Mass Effect Andromeda is breaking into undiscovered territory, and making it work! Remember, all of this was revealed in one press conference! Now don’t you see just how important it is to get out there and go to these conventions!? They can give you crucial information about your new favorite games.