If you’re an avid gamer like me, you most likely don’t get out much. I know it can be addicting, always wanting to get just one level further, but it isn’t healthy to always stay indoors. I have a great alternative that combines what we love most with a way to stay active. What is this magical place? Gaming conventions, of course!

Conventions are places where different groups or companies, or just one company or group, can get together with fans to show off new and upcoming pieces of work. So, gaming conventions are places where big game creators and gaming console creators can demo their new and upcoming games and systems. This gives the fans a way to socially interact with each other and stay active while seeing their favorite games come to life on the big screen. This also gives fans a chance to interact with content creators to get the scoop on new games and to give feedback.

Some conventions, however, are much more exclusive, allowing mostly press to come. A perfect example was the latest Sony Press Conference, which many didn’t even know was happening until it was too late.

Sony is one of the biggest in the entertainment business. Sony is also the creator of the PlayStation, one of the three big gaming consoles, with four versions of it created within just twenty two years, not counting the PlayStation Portable, also known as the PSP. In this latest press conference, Sony showed off some graphics of their newest upcoming system, the PlayStation Pro, which will be compatible with the PlayStation 4. They also showed off small gameplay trailers and demos of upcoming games, while interviewing co-creators of these brand new games. But that’s enough for now. I can talk more about those games in future posts.